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It centers on Kumano old World Heritage road and Kumanogawa, and the course is served, and the kayak and outdoor goods are sold with Gaiding of the trekking canoe.


Katsumi Ueno ”Katsu”

KumanoExperience Owner/Guide/Life Style Maintenance Technician

 He has born in 1968 in Osaka.
 Hiked the hills & mountains around Kansai region from childhood,
 Riding motorbike around Australia for three months in 1994,
 Training white water kayaking & seakayaking in New Zealand & US in 1996, done some first descent too.
 He enjoy mountaineering, backcountry skiing,snowboarding, rock climbing, rafting and mountain biking,
 He is also in possession of the Holy Orders of the Shingon sect(esoteric Buddhism) also certified “Sendatsu” that is the trainer of Shugendo(ancient mountain worship).
He is certified instructor & guide of outdoor adventure (please check below, what certification he hold )

He loves to get in the nature.

・American Canoe Association: White Water Kayak Instructor
・Japan Recreational Canoe Association: Sea Senior Instructor
・Japan Safety Canoeing Association: Instructor1
・New Zealand Recreational Canoe Association: Basic Kayak Safety completion
・Rescue3: Swift Water Rescue Level1 Technician
・Japan Mountain Guides Association: Mountain Guide stageⅡ
・Japan Mountain Guides Association: Ski Guide stageⅠ
・Council for Outdoor & Nature Experiences: Leader
・Japan Nature Game Association: Leader
・The Institute for Earth Education-JAPAN: Interpretive Design completion
・Interpretation Network Japan: School Interpreter Coach Trainer, registered with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of the Environment
・Kumano Hongu Taisha: Representatives of Shrine parishioner
・Shingon sect of Buddhism: Priesthood “Shugendo/Yamabushi”
・Regional Licensed Guide Interpreter for Koyasan and Kumano (Waykayaka Prefecture government-registered)

Kazunori Tatsumi ”Tassan”


He has born in 1977 in Osaka
Traveling through one year with his folding kayak in the Western Alaska – Canada in 2005 (such as the Yukon River in Glacier Bay).
On the way, he stayed in the town of Canadian aboriginal Haida for 6 months and touch in their lives.
After that, he went to Australia and stay there for a year, spend more time in national parks, staysd for 6 months in Maleny,
touch the people who seek ways of sustainable communities.
He moved to Hongu in Wakayama in 2008 and began his life mainly agricultural,
build up his own organic cafe “Cabelo” in 2010, just back side of Hongu Taisha along the KumanoKodo
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