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It centers on Kumano old World Heritage road and Kumanogawa, and the course is served, and the kayak and outdoor goods are sold with Gaiding of the trekking canoe.

Special Tour

Osugidani Valley Trekking

Osugidani Trekking 3 Days

Osugidani Valley is one of the most famous canyon in Japan.
It provides both pleasure and severity. You’ll go viewing the virgin forest full of various plants and a clear blue limpid stream along the trail, and find various waterfalls and overwhelming works of nature.
*Some of hikers done those for 2 days but we need to chace the bus to go back
so Kumano Experience offers 3 days trip, leaving extra time for keep our own pace and relaxing time.


◆Season: end of April-early June, end of September-end of November.
◆Guiding Fee: we provide private trip. (Max: 4 people)

Number of people 1 person 2 people 3 people 4 people
Guiding fee 105,000 yen 135,000 yen 185,000円 240,000 yen

Guiding fee is not include participant’s lodging fee and transportation.
Lodging fee(per person): 25,900 yen total
・Daikokuya: 6,500 yen, ・Momonoki-koya:10,000 yen, ・Awatani-koya:9,400 yen

◆Schedule: 3 Days
Day 0: meet at Daikokuya in the evening (Briefing at dinner time)
*3 minutes from JR Misedani station
Day 1:
 7:30 Breakfast
10:30  Osugidani hiking Bus(2,500 yen/ person)
12:00 Osugidani trailhead (lunch)
12:30 Start hiking after lunch
16:00 Momonoki-koya lodge
Day 2
 7:00 Breakfast
 8:00 Start hiking from Momonoki-koya lodge
14:00 Get to Awatani-koya lodge
Day 3
 7:00 Breakfast
 8:00 Start from Awatani-koya lodge
14:00 Odaigahara bus stop (will call it)
15:30 Narakotsu Bus(2,000yen/person)
17:21 Get to YamatoKamiichi station(access to Kintetsu line)

As we also arrange the plan to hike in 2 days, please feel free to contact us.

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