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It centers on Kumano old World Heritage road and Kumanogawa, and the course is served, and the kayak and outdoor goods are sold with Gaiding of the trekking canoe.

Special Tour

Omine Okugake Route Shugyo “Training of Shugendo”

Kumano’s rugged terrain has been site of mountain worship since prehistoric times and is considered a divine otherworld.
In Kumano and Yoshino, since 1300 years ago, a complex religion based on this local belief of sacred mountains and ridgeline took from in an organised religious tradition called Shugendo that is a syncretic religion combined folk religion, Taoism, Esoteric Buddhism and Shinto. The legendary founder of Shugendo is the mystical figure En-no-ozuno, and those who practice it are called Yamabushi.
We guide the hiking trip with Yamabushi take a part of the training route on the Omine Okugake-michi that is one of the main training routes which links Yoshino and Hongu.


 July 2nd 2018  
*We run that once a month from March to October. 
This is a  training of the ascetic monk”Yamabushi”, not a hiking. We will take  a walk longer, normally over 8 hours. 

◆Price: 15,000 yen/ per person (include: Guiding only)

◆Minimum group: 2 people 

◆Meeting place: B&B Cafe Hongu  (in front of Hongu-taisha-mae bus stop)
*Public transportation or Lodging, ask us by E-mail

◆Meeting time: 6:00
*Please feel free to ask us any information about traffic or lodging.

◆What to bring: Clothing for mountaineering, hiking booties, hat, lunch, drinks, etc 

6:00= meeting at B&B Hongu to go to Kumano Hongu Taisha shrine (pray & sing sutra, mantra)
6:30=start hiking -16:00 get to our destination.
※Depending on the weather conditions and the trail conditions, we may change the schedule or place to go.  

◆Booking or more information⇒E-mail: Kumano Experience

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