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It centers on Kumano old World Heritage road and Kumanogawa, and the course is served, and the kayak and outdoor goods are sold with Gaiding of the trekking canoe.

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update:2020年2月11日 – 7:00 PM

Omine Okugake Route Shugyo “Training of Shugendo”

Kumano’s rugged terrain has been site of mountain worship since prehistoric times and is considered a divine otherworld. In Kumano and Yoshino, since 1300 years ago, a complex religion based on this local belief of sacred mountains and ridgeline took from in an organised religious tradition called Shugendo that is a syncretic religion combined folk religion, Taoism,

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update:2019年7月7日 – 1:53 PM

Osugidani Valley Trekking

Osugidani Trekking 3 Days Osugidani Valley is one of the most famous canyon in Japan. It provides both pleasure and severity. You’ll go viewing the virgin forest full of various plants and a clear blue limpid stream along the trail, and find various waterfalls and overwhelming works of nature. *Some of hikers done those for

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2Days Hiking trip in Oze National Park

Oze National Park is Japanese Most Extensive mountain wetlands, carpeted in Flowers, encircled by famous peaks, excellent hiking destination in the mountains a bit north from Tokyo. Kumano Experience and our friend “Oze Mountain Guides” provide the hiking trip to get in to Oze deeper and feel the culture of the people who lived in

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