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Special Tour

Kitayama~Kumano River 3days trip

29th~31st July 2011

Kitayama river(Dorokyo)~Kumano river(to Kumano Hayatama Tasha)3days camping trip.
Yoshino Kumano national park, we put in the river at  the beautiful gorge “Dorokyo” and running on the world heritage “Kumano river”, down to Kumano Hayatama Taisha.

(guiding, gear rental, 7meals in the trip, include)

◆Meeting place:JR Shingu station
(If you drive into Kumano, plase ask us.)

◆Meeting time: 10:00
*Please ask, any information about traffic.

Day 1
10:00   meeting
10:00~ briefing (checking parsonel gear etc)
10:30~ driving to put in
11:30~ get on the water
16:00~ setting camp, dinner
Day 2
7:30~ breakfast
9:00~ get on the water(running river all day)
15:00~ setting a camp, dinner
Day 3
7:30~ breakfast
9:00~ get on the water
14:00~ take out at side of Kumano Hayatama Taisha
*take out time is changed sometime.

◆ Group: Minimum:2, (Max:5)

◆What to bring:
・You will be provided with a packing list at the time of booking for all multi day tours. In most cases you are responsible for providing your personal items such as clothing and sleeping equipment (tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad).
*tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad rental available, please ask us.

◆Any other infomation: Email⇒Kumano Experience